HISTORY OF LOVE by Nicole Krauss

Links for the East Side Readers' discussion.

Publisher's Interview & Guide : The History of Love


Yiddish Dictionary Online (you do the searching)


East Sider said...

Thanks for the great turnout and great discussion for The History of Love. This was a complicated and complex book (real foot-stompin', hand-clappin', beat-the-band modern American lit-rit-chure, as far as I'm concerned). I plan to read it again... and soon.. as it helps to know what's going on.

For example, we discussed whether Bruno was alive or dead. We thought he was alive, then we figured out he'd died -- note that all Bruno's dialog was in italics, a dead giveaway! (ummm, pun intended).

Anyway, it was another terrific group discussion. By the way, oftentimes, after the meetings, someone will mention or email -- and I've had this experience myself --- that they actually like the book better --- no matter where the starting point --- after the discussion. I think that besides listening to other people's comments, even just thinking about what you might say (even if you don't say it) clarifies your understanding of and relationship to the book within yourself and after 60- or 90 minutes, your reading experience has become slightly different after focusing on it in new ways, and in public.

Oh, yes, and the subject came up of not liking the book. In case there's any doubt, that response is legitimate. Not all books play to all audiences and a disliker's take on the book often sparks an interesting conversational direction. And no one is immune, myself included. So don't let that little item make you stay home!

BB said...

So sorry to have missed the book discussion. I had been anticipating the event for weeks, but a nasty migraine-like thing laid me low...I really wanted to be in on that discussion, too, because I was a little puzzled about some of the plot and characters. I hate feeling like such a dummy.

East Sider said...

Ask your questions, we covered a lot of this ground. This book made me cry and laugh... a true work of art. Can't wait to read it again. One woman did and said all was clear on 2nd reading... and even better literature.


Bruno was imaginary... all his dialog is in italics. Leo dies at the end. What else??

BB said...

Oh! Bruno was imaginary! I figured out that Leo died in the end, but....

What was the Singer relationship to Leo?

Now I'm definitely going to have to reread (always a good idea anyway, but so many books, so little time). I'm trying to finish Mayflower, which is very good and close to our New England heart, especially since my husband is distantly related to William Bradford. I don't do as well with non-fiction, though. Actually, I'd rather be reading Elaine Viets, very much a "dessert" book, but we can't exist on dessert alone.