THE FINAL SOLUTION: A Story of Detection by Michael Chabon

Links for the East Side Readers' discussion.

The Final Solution: A Story of Detection, by Michael Chabon (SHAY-bon, apparently). Another interview, discussion questions, Chapter One and Reading Group Guide.

Chabon's biographical information

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SM said...

The uncanny thing is - this guy is such a good
speaker; we were in a restored synagogue downtown & he really kept us all spellbound; he told about his background, as he grew up Jewish here in suburban Maryland, he told about the genesis of some of his work . . he read from his work & took questions.

He's attractive with longish curly hair & really had a presence. So often authors just do not make great speakers - at least that's my impression. Then the next week we sat spellbound as we listened to John Updike talk about himself, the sort of senior statesman writer & read from his book "Terrorist" - he had such a wonderful dry wit.

I have not even started the Policeman's union yet; I tried to start Kavalier and Clay first but can't seem to get into it!