NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro

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East Sider said...

Thanks for a great couple of discussions last week on Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go.

Lots of content... and plenty of form to match. Several in the pm group thought it hard to read... finding that the tone fostered "dullness" and enhanced the lack of action. Others found it amazing that a man could write so well from a ...hmm.. woman's p.o.v., as well as incorporating the "fog" or denial or innate immaturity of Kath.

Question about the trash on the fence at the end: I, personally, did not think it symbolic that the kids' lives were disposable, any more than anyone's might not have had as much meaning as hoped for (btw: who decides?)

RE: Escaping... didn't seem to be an option. They were being socialized not to; they were as children, being brought up, mostly benignly (esp. at Hailsham) where running away was counter to the group-think being burned into them. There were not even any rumors that anyone had ever tried, unlike the deferral rumor. They seemed to be more interested in "fitting in", rather than getting out. Not to say the other places might have been different.