THE GREAT MAN by Kate Christensen

Links for the East Side Readers' discussion.


Anonymous said...

I'd have loved for you to be listening in last Thursday when so many members disliked Great Man, or found it totally light, and chick lit... I think two of us said "very good"...and here I went and read two other things by her and I'm still in love w/ her work. . .someone said - "When there are great books to read, like Allende, why would we read this silly chick lit book" - which also brought out alot of anger at men using women. . . .ain't it grand how folks can disagree about books, etc! makes it fun.

Susan D said...

Some of us thought the book was "chic lit", "ordinary", and just "a good beach read". Others just loved the book and the four women characters. Nobody liked Oscar. So we had a good discussion with pros and cons.

VA said...

It was a good read and I think Michael Leonard ("Curled Up with A Good Book") summed it up: "author's strength is in her ability to present fully fleshed and flawed characters while also inbuing them with such witty and sardonic intelligence that it is impossible not to admire them even they are not particularly likeable."

Suzanne said...

I am so looking forward to this month's meeting. I rarely fall this hard for an author but now have read "The Trouble" and "Epicure's Lament" and would read anything else by Christensen I can find. Don't know when I've enjoyed the process of reading quite so much. . .and the food. . . .yummm. . .

VA said...

One member felt Maxine was the only fulfilled person because she had a career. The others were, in Helen's view, whiny and living in the past, not having any regrets because they never moved on. We all wondered if the fact that Abigail's son had autism had any significance. Am not sure who Max is and asked her to elaborate.