•  Here is the National Geographic article on polygamy, which references many families from the Krakauer book.
  • South Park Creators Take on the Book of Mormon in New Musical -- The Book of Mormon, on Broadway :: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, are turning their wild imaginations to a new subject and a new genre. The Book of Mormon, a musical the duo co-wrote with Robert Lopez (Avenue Q), will open on Broadway next year.

  • PBS: The Mormons (Streaming Video)  -- Watch the program here.
  • PBS: The Mormons   Complete study & support materials for the documentary.


    RkC said...

    Thanks for coming out to discuss Under the Banner of Heaven last week. Great turnout, interesting comments, new people, new ideas. Thanks, VA for pictures from National Geographic and Elizabeth for PBS links. In no special order:
    * Everyone thought the book well-written, if dry. Some suggested it could have been a Vanity Fair article. Also that Krakauer was careful to be unbiased about Mormons in general.
    * Everyone was striving to be non-judgmental about a very different belief system.
    * Frustration that murder might not be seen as such if defended by a statement like "God told me to..."
    * Overall anger, if not outrage, at the treatment of young girls by old men, lack of education, rape, child abuse, no choice.... and banishment of the young men.
    * Difficult for non-believers of all stripes to believe the Joseph Smith story. Was he a con man, rainmaker, crazy person, fanatic, all of the above?
    * Surprise and concern at the strength and growth of this sect.
    * Surprise and concern at the difficulties of enforcing the law against polygamy.
    * Surprise and concern about the benefits (i.e., welfare) that some large families receive.

    Suzanne said...

    I have to laugh as always as I read "discussion questions" which are usually written to a second or third grade level - never ceases to amaze me - but really thanks for the links, it's interesting to consider, as I've been doing this week, how one talks about a non-fiction book in a book group - makes me realize how so much of what we do discuss has to do w/ writers choice of and ability to execute fiction. . .