BEL AMI by Guy de Maupassant

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Guy de Maupassant
de Maupassant, Guy - overview 
 Bel Ami (wiki)
Think about progressions through the novel: His jobs, his money, his women, his name, his actions. 

The Third Republic 1870-1914: an overview of the times; Images from that period
Bel-Ami – Guy de Maupassant | We can read it for you wholesale
a lay of the land: cool Bel-Ami analysis (with 4-letter words!) 
Nice analysis Bel-Ami by Guy de Maupassant
 5-star reviews
Door imagery: The French Review, (Feb., 1976), partial
Guy de Maupassant: A brilliant and delicate psychologist |
HEALTH, Art & Science: Tuberculosis, Bel Ami and the Belle Epoque
The epistemology of the mantelpiece: subversive ornaments (partial)
Narrative As Theme: Studies in French Fiction -: use Duroy as a search term
French Literature - 19th Century
Realism and Naturalism in 19th Century France
French literature (scroll down to 19th century)
Third Republic: Golden age of male adultery (partial)
See page 188 in Fictions of Female Adultery
Divorce & Women in France 19th c.
Family-in-Crisis-in-Late-19th cent. French-Fiction
MAUPASSANTet BEL-AMI - Lectures méthodiques : Excellent study guide if your French is up to it. 
Bel-ami - Maupassant : thème de l'argent (Theme of Money, in French)
 There will be a quiz -- in French! - Questionnaire de compréhension
It's been a movie many times! Why do you think so?
A great homage to Maupassant’s boldness & modernity - Cineuropa movie review 

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DG said...

I read 'Bel Ami'. Entertaining because it is well written, though I found it repetitive and slow at times.

An excellent satiric view of a sector of corrupt society in Paris at the time. Of the women, I found the most interesting Madeleine Forestier. She knew her strengths and what she wanted, and she will not be dominated by the men in her life. The other women all pitiful, the worst Madame Walter. Most deserving of sympathy, the prostitute; she knew humiliations, it was part of her life, her trade, but she persisted... The main character Deroy, epitome of greed and disregard for everybody. Not a moment of true love, just people using each other. Abundant funny description of persons and events, like the duel.