ARCADIA by Lauren Groff

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Arcadia (Utopia) - Wiki 
Commonly thought of as being in line with Utopian ideals, Arcadia differs from that tradition in that it is more often specifically regarded as unattainable.
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VA said...

I couldn't really finish it. The Slate podcast is wonderfully illuminating but I can't help compare this book with Goon Squad. I can't figure why I loved Egan's writing and her plots, which are certainly no less complicated than Arcadia. Egan's plots doesn't seem as cumbersome as Groff's. Groff's emphasis on loss and decline should be saved for another whole book. Does she just try to put too much stuff into this book. Even the Slate reviewer hints at this. I just didn't care about the Arcadia people and what might happen to them in order to finish the book.

Anonymous said...

I didn't enjoy Arcadia at all. . .laborious to read
so I quit. . .