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Anonymous said...

Me before You applied to everybody.  I thought it was too much of a romance novel, but with no romance. I didn't think either of them loved each other... they were close personal friends. Everyone knew he would never have looked at her out of the wheelchair.  Some characters wooden, but created to have different opinions on his choice. This was all over the news yesterday-- how timely!

Anonymous said...

Between the very powerful prologue and the poignant epilogue, there is much for discussion in this book. Why did Will's parents not actively research (or hire researchers) to find state of the art electronic devices to connect Will to the world? Were they tired of his being a constant burden to their busy careers? Certainly they could have afforded a more qualified employee than Lou, but here was someone so desperate for work that she would not leave even after learning that he was suicidal. While Will appreciated Lou's efforts, she built her hopes around the idea that her efforts would change his outlook - but he reached a point where it was pointless to continue to burden people - this was realistic not selfish. Will ("Me") wanted to die before "You" (everyone else in his experience). The defining moment came when he spent the evening in her home experiencing her life first-hand. He made her realize that the night in the maze did not define her. He provided for her a life and future she never could have had without him. Her decision to go to Switzerland showed her love and support for his choice to end his life.