CARTHAGE by Joyce Carol Oates

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PTSD in returning veterans; and here, for example

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RkC said...

Could not find a reading group guide, so here are some questions I have:
Did it matter that she sometimes looked like a boy?
Did her father really love her, the way it seemed in first chapter?
Did Brad secretly love her back?
Why was Brad's mother so awful?
Which parts are realistic & what did you just not buy?
Talk about narrative structure. Helpful? Confusing? Why so much detail?
Epiphany in death chamber. Moment of choice? Right at the edge? Why was this the turning point? Was it an easy decision to return? How could she not know.... esp. once she got computer access.
Was her family always a mess or only after her disappearance?
What about poor Brad? Hero or villain?
Juliet symbolic?
Can you go home again? Why would you want to?