SNOW by Orhan Pamuk

Links for the East Side Readers' discussion.
  • Winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize winner for fiction.... Orhan Pamuk. We'll be reading his novel SNOW, which was very well received in 2004/5. Here's a reading group guide and an excerpt.

  • Turkey:


    VA said...

    Thanks to the group for having selected SNOW for the Feb. meeting. I selfishly suggested it because it is my read for my other book group in January...it is extremely interesting but very complicated...lots of themes, book within the book, politics, etc...this way I get double bang for my buck.

    I have discovered some interesting collateral which you may or may not want to share with the group as you give us links.

    Diane Rehm interviewed the author himself on Thursday, October 7, 2004 and followed this with an interesting discussion group who shared their ideas of the book on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 2006.

    THE NEW YORKER offers several contributions: 11-18-02, 08-30-04, 03-07-05, 11-06-06, 12-25-06.

    THE NEW YORK TIMES offers several reviews.

    ATLANTIC online's reviewer Christopher Hitchens adds to the mix in the October 2004 issue of THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY.

    W.C. said...

    You might want to alert people to Pamuk's Nobel lecture, which is reprinted in the dec25/jan 1 New Yorker.

    RkC said...

    See also On Reading Snow in Turkish