GLASS CASTLE by Jeannette Walls

Links for the East Side Readers' discussion.

Looking forward to discussing Jeannette Walls' autobiographical The Glass Castle. Here is a short biography and interview, as well as a sample chapter, Reading Guide, an online Q & A and another interview with a blogger, for starters. Here's a link to an audio clip of Walls reading from her book, with a nearby link to Francine Prose's review in the Times.
Come join us and share your diagnosis!


VA said...

I have finished THE GLASS CASTLE and was truly moved. I have also listened to her on the Diane Rehm program and find it heartwarming to hear someone who has endured what she did move on, become successful and forgive, realizing that the love her parents had for her contributed to what she made of herself. I am eager to hear the discussion on the 18th.

LE said...

It was a great discussion, and so lively, and after our discussion, I read the links you sent, which said a lot of what we said and expanded on it. There are so many parts of the book I loved - like when she made her own braces for her teeth! I think she is amazing and I am going to write her a fan letter. The last time I did that was way back, in, I think, the 1970's to James Herriott when I read All Creatures Great and Small and his other 3 books....