THE THIRTEENTH TALE by Diana Setterfield

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SF said...

Thanks for sending me your lists. Just wanted to let you know that I read 13th Tale and loved it.

SB said...

I immediately went out and got the May book "The Thirteenth Tale." When I saw the word "gothic" in the back cover write up, I thought "Oh boy, this isn't my cup of tea."

Well, I starting reading it last week-end and could barely put it down. I finished it by Monday and thoroughly loved it! It was like I was there watching this beyond dysfunctional family.

VA said...

Great collateral on the book. I checked out everything and would have loved to have discussed/listened. I had to be on a plane early the next day...

I really liked the book- interesting plot, good writing, interesting characters, good pace of story - but imagine that was not a universal opinion.

JS said...

Have read Thirteenth Tale. was more completely drawn into it than I have been in many a year, I think. At various points, it was as if I were eleven again, or seventeen, in terms of the level of consciousness I'd find myself enveloped in as I read.

As for nuts and bolts - which, again, were hard to see sometimes, swept along as I was by the strong narrative current - it's really well constructed, enviably so. The seams seldom if ever show. The style emerges as just that, without any sense of being forced, sculpted, revised.