Links for the East Side Readers' December discussion.
  • I searched the Queen's site in vain to see what she might be reading currently, but as the link shows, they're all far too busy. Still, apparently she has taken to wearing certain outfits again, as the credit crunch spares not even royalty.
Off topic, but perfectly on: Couldn't resist this. So happy this isn't us!! Holiday greetings!
December 07, 2008 -- Fought Over Any Good Books Lately? By JOANNE KAUFMAN
The trouble with book clubs often has little to do with books, or Oprah.


For January 15th, Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. For February 19th, Walter Mosley's The Man in my Basement. For March 19th, All the Little Live Things, to celebrate the centennial of Wallace Stegner.Classics Klatch :: For February 5th, Therese Raquin by Emile Zola.

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East Sider said...

Thanks for a great group for Alan Bennett's *The Uncommon Reader.* Great little book, funny, smart, precious, even, containing a great reading list and a wonderful re-imagining of the Queen, who speaks perfectly fluent French, it turns out.