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East Sider said...

Thanks for a great turnout and discussion for The World at Night by Alan Furst.

Group response was, in general, quite favorable. Several East Siders have already moved on to other Furst novels. And the fact that RED GOLD is a sequel gives rather a tip-off about the ambiguous ending. I hadn't really noticed it until an Amazon reviewer got quite huffy about Casson jeopardizing the lives of those trying to save him, so I looked again. I'd thought the beach was in England, but now it seems it's in France and he couldn't leave after all. And the theater announcement means he got the movie made with Citrine, though his name couldn't be on it for fear of retribution. Have I got that about right?

Susan D. adds:
I saw a French movie with a similar theme to The World at Night a few years ago at the film festival. It was "Lassez-Passer" and it centered around a French film studio that was taken over by the Germans. It was very good, even though it was pretty long,,,