Honore de Balzac's story of of a father's devotion to his daughters at any cost is our selection for this coming week. Goriot's story intersects with other inhabitants of a Parisian boarding house in this very complex social and moral drama.
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
We look at "Phantom of the Opera" the book and its film and stage adaptations. We found the mystery of how "Eric" became the phantom  varied in each interpretation. We agreed the book took to long to wrap up, and considered that might be because it was written as magazine installments. Did the dramatic interpreations do justice to the book, or outdo it?
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Joesph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" was the inspriation for the film, "Apocalypse Now."
We  discussed Conrad's belief that we all had darkness in us that could emerge under certain circumstances. The historic backdrop of the the plunder of Africa's treasures and massacre of its people was compared to current events in that country's history.
The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
This week we'll revisit Dickens and see how it stacks up against other Dickens novels we've read. The "Old Curiosity Shop" has a wide range of characters, including the sweet heroine, Little Nell, who's loved by everyone she meets, except for the villainous Quilp and his cronies. Warning. Most of the reviews contain spoilers.

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